How to Hire and Train Your First

Virtual Assistant

(Before you think you need to)

Whether you are just starting your business or have been in your small business for a while, this mini course is for you if you are ready to grow your business in 2017 and beyond.

This mini course is  one of the smartest investments you will make in your business.

What to inlude in your job posting

Where to find your VA

What tasks to delegate



You'll get a list of all the tools and resources I use to manage my team of virtual assistants so you can begin immediately.

Onboarding Process


I will give you the exact templates I use to make sure I hire I attract the right applicants, and save lots of time.

I'll give you a long list of ideas of things to delegate to your VA, even if you are totally disorganized.

You will learn exactly where to look for your Virtual Assistant, whether you are looking domestically or overseas.

How to Set Up a Work Flow

I will share my system with you

that will allow you to onboard and train someone in an automated framework that you can use again and again.

Tools and templates

I'll show you exactly how I set up a work flow that allows you to  work on revenue producing tasks, while your VA takes care of the rest.

Instructor: Jen Lehner

Jen Lehner is a digital marketing strategist, online course creator, Professor of Digital Media Strategy and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Notre Dame College, and founder of The Front Row, an online community for entrepreneurs.


Hire and Train Your First Virtual Assistant

(Before You Think You Need To)

Join us and  learn my proven system for growing your business.